Among the quaint cities of India, Dehradun is located in the Doon Valley and boasts a scintillating backdrop of the Shivalik and Lesser Himalayas. It is ideal for a relaxing getaway for solo travelers, couples and families. The incredible views of the lush greenery and soaring mountains will leave you awe-struck. The city is also home to a large number of elite institutions and schools like Forest Research Institute and Doon School. We have listed a few amazing places to visit in Dehradun to ensure you a memorable experience. HappyEasyGo is the best website to book hotels at budget prices in Dehradun. Check out the latest offers now.

  1. Sahastradhara

Famously known as the ‘Thousand Fold Spring’, Sahastradhara is an amazing place surrounded by caves and the Baldi River. It is believed that spring water has medicinal values due to its high sulphur content. Besides this, the lime content in the spring water is the reason for limestone outcrops and ridges. The water thunders down the rocks during the monsoon and offers a marvelous view. Adventure freaks can try the ropeway to the top of the mountain and catch a bird’s-eye view.

  1. Robber’s Cave

Popularly known as Guchu Pani, this 600-m long cave has small waterfalls and a river flowing inside it. Legends say that this cave was once used as a hideout by the robbers during the British rule, and hence, the name. The cave’s magic is its river which abruptly disappears at one place and again reappears from a spot a few meters away.

  1. Tiger Falls

Located in the lush green forests of Chakrata, Tiger Falls offers jaw-dropping views of Mother Nature. This is among the highest direct waterfalls in the country, with an elevation of 312 m. The waterfall merges into a shining pond where tourists can gather and enjoy a fun time with friends and family. Adventure junkies can choose trekking, canoeing, rappelling, and river rafting in the waters for added recreation.

  1. Tapkeshawar Temple

Sitting on the banks of the Asan River, Tapkeshwar Temple is known to be the oldest Shiva temple in Uttarakhand. The attraction of this temple is the lingam inside this gorgeous temple which continuously receives water drop from the ceiling, making it a sight to watch. The devotees and tourists will be enchanted with the never-ending holy chants and ringing bells, making the entire aura of the temple extremely devotional. This cave temple was once a residence of the great sage, Guru Dronacharya.

  1. Mindrolling Monastery

Literally translating to the ‘Place of Perfect Emancipation’, this mind-blowing monastery is among the biggest Buddhist learning centers in the country. Built in 1965 by Kochen Rinpoche, the monastery took three years to take the final shape. Dedicated to Buddhist teachings and preaching world peace, this Buddhist religious place in Clemant Town houses a 60 m tall stupa with significant Tibetan relics, scriptures and wall paintings.

Besides these attractions in Dehradun, you can also visit Lacchiwala, Malsi Deer Park, Tapovan, Rajaji National Park and many other attractions.