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Looking to book a last-minute vacation? With its exotic white sand beaches, favorable climate, and vibrant culture, Cuba is a perfect destination for those looking to relax and explore for a reasonable price tag. With over 4.7 million visitors every year, Cuba vacations are known to rejuvenate and inspire. Lush landscapes, beautiful sunshine, rich history—nature and culture lovers can rejoice on this beautiful Caribbean island. No wonder that the country was once called the Pearl of the Antilles.

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Cayo Coco Vacation Package

Named after the white ibis bird (locally called the coco bird), Cayo Coco is an island situated on the northern coast of Cuba. Known for its white-sand beaches and all-inclusive resort hotels, this tropical island is a paradise that will sweep you away from your daily worries. Here are the best things to do while you enjoy your Cayo Coco Vacation Package.

Cayo Coco Beaches

Stretching along the northern coastline as far as the eye can see, the beaches of Cayo Coco are paradises on Earth. Sheltered by coral reefs, the turquoise waters here are warm and calm. Spend your vacation walking along silky white shores as palm trees whisper in the welcoming warm winds. Then, take advantage of Cuba’s diverse wildlife by snorkelling along the coral reef—make sure to keep an eye out for tropical fish, dolphins, and turtles.

Glass Boat Tours

Speaking of wildlife… Glass boat tours are a staple of Cayo Coco. The double decker boat picks you up at various hotels along the shore. The bottom of the boat is installed with glass, so you can witness the beautiful, lush scenery of the seafloor. At one point, the captain even snorkels under the hull with bread to attract exotic fish. Colourful coral reefs, wildlife—get a taste of nature on this speciality boat. Plus, free drinks are served on board.

La Cueva del Jabali

Nightlife lovers, this one is for you. Also known as “Party Cave,” La Cueva del Jabali is a natural cave that has been converted into a nightclub. A spiral staircase transports you to a world of rugged rock, stalactites, and faux ancient drawings. Equipped with a stage, bar, and dancefloor, this location is perfect for a night of music and dance. Enjoy a live Afro Cuban show, then practice your Cuban Salsa dance to live Cuban music.

Acuavida Spa Talaso

Looking to treat yourself on your vacation? Look no further than the Acuavida Spa Talaso. A haven focusing on relaxation, it is a perfect spot if you want to enjoy a massage and forget the worries of modern life. After your massage, enjoy some rest and relaxation in one of their several jet-style pools or treat your skin with their specialty mud treatments. Then, enjoy a drink or indulge in their buffet-style lunch. There’s no harm in pampering yourself every now and then, after all.

Varadero Vacation Package

With over a million tourists every year, the resort town of Varadero is one of Cuba’s most popular destinations. Located on the Peninsula de Hicacos along Cuba’s northern shore, Varadero is the home of the world-famous Varadero Beach, named one of the best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor. Enjoy the following activities on your last-minute vacation.

Varadero Beach

The heart of Varadero is Varadero Beach, a 20-kilometer paradise with over 50 of the best all-inclusive resorts in Varadero, Cuba. Also known as the Playa Azul (or, Blue Beach) for the colour of its lush blue seas, vacationers can enjoy the blissful waters made warm by the Gulf Stream. Enjoy a mojito and recharge under the palapas that dot the sands. Sport lovers can also enjoy several beach-related activities, like snorkelling and swimming.

Varadero Golf Club

Think of Cuba, and golf might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the Varadero Golf Club is not a spot to miss. Golf enthusiasts, rejoice at the Varadero Golf Club, the only 18-hole golf course in Cuba. Surrounded by breathtaking blue waters, this will be golfing like you’ve never experienced. Designed by Canadian architect Les Furber, this golf course offers a variety of terrain that, with the help of the coastal breeze, will put your game to the test. Just be careful you aren’t too distracted by the stunning views.

Mansión Xanadú

For foodies, there is no better place to dine than the Mansión Xanadú. Built in 1929 and constructed with marble, wood, and ceramic tiles, this hotel and restaurant is now deemed a Cuban National Monument. At the restaurant, enjoy a menu specializing in French and international cuisine while gazing out upon the white beach and blue waters. Vacationers looking for a good drink can go no father than the Casa Blanca Panoramic Bar, located on the third floor of the Mansión. Offering a wide selection of brandys, rums, vodkas, tequilas, and spirits (including Daiquiris and Mojitos—Cuban classics), this is a perfect spot for romance at sunset.

Varadero Street Market 

No doubt the best place for shopping in Varadero, this market is perfect for those looking to acquire Cuban souvenirs. Peruse a wide selection of items such as leather goods, woven hats, wood carvings, jewelry, and typical souvenir fare. They’ll even sell you replicas of the famous ‘50s cars made from aluminum cans. As you walk through the friendly atmosphere, enjoy a drink or ice cream. Pro tip: vendors will typically negotiate for their items, so heckle accordingly.

This is just your first taste of Cuba. There is so much left to discover.

You deserve a dream vacation. Cuba gets busier after November onward, so book your trip with Trip Support now.

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