Top 5 eateries to explore in your Italy food tour

The most confusing thing in Italy is from where to eat. Planning a trip to Italy and not having the best food experience would be unfair on the travel part. A trip is successful when you have the comfort, taste, and experience to take back home. Thus, you need to do some homework on where you can eat the finest delicacies in Italy.

If you are unsure from where to begin, then you have landed the right page. We will help you some of the most recommended eateries to explore in Italy. These places are highly recommended by the tourists.

 Top 5 eateries to explore in your Italy food tour:

  1. Da Vittorio:

This eatery in Italy is run by a family. The place is the favourite of local residents. When you go there, simply ask for fish dishes and vegetarian specialities. We bet you will experience the authentic recipes f Italy here.

  1. Dal Pescatore:

The restaurant became a huge success in no time. The restaurant is 90 years ago and offers some of the most delectable recipes to taste. If you are planning a food tour in Italy, Dal is a better choice to taste pure Italian cuisine.

  1. Piazza Duomo:

Small yet luxurious, this place has a lot to offer the foodies. Its historical location gives you every excuse to be here. Italy will never fall short of recipes to offer to its travellers and that’s exactly the owner believes in. The place is perfect to experience Japanese and Italian cuisines.

  1. Le Calandre:

La Calandre is known for innovative and creative recipes by some of the young chefs. It offers a homely experience. If this is your first food tour in Italy, ask the chef to share some tips with you and he won’t hesitate to do that. Other than the delicious recipes, Le Calandre is known for its lovely ambiance.

  1. La Pergola:

La Pergola is the place from where some of the finest Italian chefs are trained. The restaurant represents the lifestyle, culture, and cuisine of Italians. Their presentation is simply the best and we bet you will be spoiled for a choice from the menu. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the restaurant only serves dinner and so don’t overfill yourself with the same.

Plan your Italy food tour and experience what it is to experience the international kitchen

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