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Tips for Planning a Trip to Italy

Do you dream about traveling to Italy? This country is filled with historical landmarks, beautiful art and delectable food. If you are like other Americans who enjoy traveling, such as Michael Canzian, you know that you can have a fascinating sightseeing trip to Italy with a little preparation.  Here are some suggestions to help you plan for your adventure.

Book Your Flights Early

When you plan an international trip, begin scheduling your trip as soon as possible. Transporation fares such as airline tickets, train tickets and rental cars are more expensive the closer you get to the trip. Since travel is a large portion of the cost of a vacation, save money by booking flights as soon as possible. Consider flying into different airports as prices vary at each location. If your vacation includes cities in different areas of the country, it’s possible to fly into one airport and leave from a separate city to cut back on the cost of traveling all the way back to your original destination.

Reserve Sightseeing Adventures in Advance

The beauty and history of Italy attract millions of visitors each year. If there are specific locations you want to visit, make it a priority to purchase tickets before your trip. Some of the more iconic locations in Italy, such as St. Mark’s Basilica and Pompeii, offer tours that fill up in advance. Purchasing tickets ahead of time ensures you have a spot reserved on the days you want to sightsee. Though some locations don’t require reservations in advance, it’s always beneficial to purchase tickets online so you can skip the line when you arrive.

Make Hotel Reservations As Soon As Possible

If you plan to stay within the larger cities of Italy, finding hotel accommodations shouldn’t be difficult when you start your search early in your planning process. The options are vast and online directories make it easy to find something to fit your budget. However, if you plan to tour the country by car or visit less popular locations, you may have fewer lodging options. Book rooms in more remote locations first so you can adjust your itinerary as needed.

Learn the Language

With smartphones readily available to just about anyone, it’s easy to assume you can rely on them for translation. Even though numerous apps can help you out in a bind, it’s fun to immerse yourself in a little bit of Italian culture by learning a few words, such as ciao and grazie, before your trip.

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