Common and Uncommon Tricks You Must Know Before Booking a Flight

Planning a trip to shake off the lockdown lethargy? Learn these cool tricks mentioned in this post to get yourself the best flight deals. Keep reading.

Most of us had to either cancel our travel plans or postpone it due to the pandemic and the strict lockdown measures enforced to prevent the spread. The world is finally opening up again. Most countries around the world have lifted the travel ban as have all the states within India. Again, people have started planning a quick short getaway to catch a breather and shrug off the pall of gloom. Also, due to the slashed pricing all around, this is probably the best time to travel.

Here are three common and three uncommon tricks that you can use before booking a flight.

Common Tricks

  1. Early Booking Benefits: You may have heard this many times from your colleagues, travel experts, and others and yes it has benefits. Going on an impromptu trip is exciting, but it often is costly. Plan your trip months in advance and get flight tickets at rates that are sometimes better than discounted fares.
  2. Incognito is the Best Mode to Book Flight – You may have experienced this in the past. The moment you search for a flight on any particular route 2-3 times, you get to see an increase in the fare. This is thanks to your search history and cookie pool. To avoid such an instance, it is best to look for flights on portals in Incognito mode or private browsing. Or better yet, clear your search history and the cookie pool after browsing in normal mode.
  3. Weekend Trips are Great. Weekend flights are Not: Most travellers plan their travel for vacation around the weekends. However, that may not be the best idea in terms of cost. Typically, airlines increase the fare during the weekend, owing to the surge in demand. The prices generally go down on weekdays.

Not So Common Tricks

  1. Take help of flight Aggregator Websites:  Do not just land on a travel website or an airline’s website to book your flight. Instead, it is always best to first scour different aggregator websites to compare flight prices of various airlines. Also, when you are looking for flights, do not pick a specific date. Select the month and then choose the day when the price is lowest. However, this only works if you’re flexible with your schedule.
  2. Choose Different Airlines: This is a mistake that is often made. Either for acquiring frequent flyer miles or due to loyalty, you may choose the same airline for your return journey. Irrespective of the common notion, it may prove costly. For example, if you are looking for Mumbai to Goa flights and you want to save money on your flight tickets, pick two different airlines and be open with respect to the flight timings.
  3. Pick Some Miles Along the Way: Whether it’s a domestic or an international flight, short-haul or long-haul flight, never forget to earn some miles as you book your tickets. While most mile programs are by airline companies, some let you book tickets across airlines and yet collect and redeem miles. Needless to say, these offer flexibility while helping you save on your travel costs.

Travelling is rejuvenating. It only adds to the pleasure of the entire trip, if you can save some money. Use these six easy tricks before you book a flight for your vacations and enjoy the benefit of a brilliant deal.

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