Picture this: the sun is shining, you hear the sounds of waves crashing, you’re lounging on a comfortable chair, you feel a light breeze brush past your face. You’re on a gorgeous sandy beach in Mexico. You never want this feeling of euphoria to end. However, everything good must come to an end at some point. How can you bring this feeling home?

A Full Camera Roll 

Because of a camera phone’s simplicity and versatility, everyone comes home from vacation with a camera roll full of gorgeous pictures. Even just looking at one can transport you back to that moment on the beach. Smiles are captured, genuine love can be seen, and best of all, those memories can be saved in the “cloud” forever. Now sure, you can keep going back to your phone to view the photos or you can print your favorite pictures out and hang them up around your house and office area. But how amazing would it be to see your cherished vacation memories every time you look down while doing computer work?

Vacation at Home 

If you’re lucky enough to live close enough to a beach, you can try and recreate a beach day in Mexico. The water might not be as warm, the sun might not be as bright, and the water might not be as blue, but it could be as close to a feeling of vacation you can get on hot summer weekends.

Vacation Station or Work Station? 

During the week however, creating a custom desk pad with Love Desk Mats can immediately transport you back to that day at the beach in Mexico. In order to make work days seem less mundane, adding a bit of happiness to your desk area can brighten up the entire room, motivating you to work towards another vacation to make more memories.

Plan Ahead

Most days, it seems as though your next vacation cannot come any sooner. If that’s the case, buy your plane tickets months in advance! Book a hotel room at your dream destination too! Make a mental list of all of the outfits you want to sport while travelling: one for breakfast, one for the beach, one for a hike, one for dinner, and one for hitting the town and soaking up all of the night life. It might seem a bit premature to think about the future, but thinking of your next vacation can make each day exciting.

Keep it Close 

Although your dream destination may seem far away, you can keep the memories close. Set your computer background to your favorite family photo, listen to waves crashing onto white sand beaches on YouTube or Spotify, dress up and try cooking native dishes at home for dinner, look down at your custom desk mat from Love Desk Mats each time you sit down to get some work done, and constantly talk about the memories you have made and how many more can be made the next time the time is right to start a new adventure.