Best Cannabis Tours in Colorado

Colorado is a state that has been at the forefront of cannabis legalization. In 2012, Colorado became the first US state to legalize marijuana for recreational use and now holds one of America’s most competitive cannabis markets.

With increased competition comes more opportunities for visitors looking to have an amazing time exploring this beautiful state! Below are few top-rated tours you can take to explore all there is to offer about legal weed in Colorado.

Best Cannabis Tours In Colorado:

  1. The High Country Harvest Tour: This tour is designed to be a unique experience for visitors and locals alike. With two different available times, the first allows you to explore growing facilities while learning about the history of cannabis in Colorado.

For those interested in an outdoor experience, this second option takes you on hikes through remote grow sites where guests can pick their flowers! Perfect if looking for some fresh air with your weed!

  1. Denver Dispensary tour: This tour is an edutaining experience for both cannabis enthusiasts and beginners. While it includes the opportunity to explore a dispensary, this tour also focuses on local markets with various stops along the way, allowing you to try some of Colorado’s most famous chocolates! Check out their official website Seed and Smith!
  1. Emerald Fields Marijuana Dispensary: The Emerald Fields Marijuana Dispensary offers guided tours through dispensaries across Denver that include samples at each location. Guests are allowed up to one gram at each stop while learning more about different strains, how they affect your body, and which ones best suit your needs!
  1. The Official 420 Bus Tour: Offering two options; day or nighttime experiences – visitors can take part in either option as this bus makes its rounds around town, making stops at popular dispensaries, bars, and restaurants! With a lively crew of guides – this tour is perfect for visitors looking to explore the city.
  1. Denver Cannabis Tour: This tour is the perfect way to spend a day in Denver. Offering guests up to seven cannabis strains and plenty of goodies throughout this fun-filled tour, this is a great way to spend your time and money!
  1. The Official Cannabis Tour: One of Colorado’s first cannabis tours – this experience includes a trip to one dispensary as well as a visit to The GrowHaus, where guests can learn more about sustainable growing practices in America. Perfect for those interested in both the industry itself and its impact on our communities!
  1. Bud & Breakfasts Marijuana Tour: This full-day experience is the perfect way to enjoy your time in Denver. Guided by an experienced budtender, guests can explore both indoor and outdoor grow facilities before heading off for a delicious lunch at one of Colorado’s top restaurants.


Cannabis remains a controversial topic in many circles, but there’s no denying that it has proven to be a serious economic boon for the state of Colorado.

With cultivation and production facilities scattered throughout nearly every corner of the state, cannabis is now firmly rooted as one of its most important industries.

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