Located in south central Texas, Magnolia fields RV park is one of the premiere RV parks of the entire state. With a total land area of nearly eleven thousand acres, the park boasts of lots of attractions for all age groups. Though it is called a RV park, many of the park’s units are actually Class A motor homes. But with the huge number of motorhomes available here, you will find that it caters to the requirements of families and groups with varied needs.

Though the park has facilities for both new and old models of motorhomes, it emphasizes on the newer models. The RV sites at this park are fully furnished and equipped with appliances such as microwave oven, garbage disposal, stove, refrigerator, AC system etc. As per the convenience of each individual unit, they have individual restrooms, showers etc. Moreover, there are separate shower areas and dressing rooms at these sites.

Magnolia fields RV park has two types of sites-flat and pitched. Flat site is ideal for camping or any other recreational purpose. The amenities offered at these sites include grill, propane gas, power cable, sewer etc. On the other hand, pitched sites are designed to provide easy parking for vehicles. Also, there are plenty of facilities like playground, coffee shop, store, internet connection, telephone etc.

Magnolia fields RV park also provides special facilities for handicapped individuals and senior citizens. Some of the features offered at these sites include bathroom with heated floors, wheelchair ramp, and boat dock. Apart from these, there are many other attractive features which you will love to see at the park. To add up to all the amazing features, it is well endowed with well-maintained parks and recreational areas.

Rest assured that you will not experience any problems while settling in this park. Rest assured that the entire staff of this park is friendly and helpful. They will assist you in everything that you need. Moreover, the parks are situated at some excellent locations, which can be explored easily.

If you want to learn more about this park then you can take the help of its informative sign boards. You can also view the photographs and videos on their respective websites. Hence, visit this park now and make your trip delightful and memorable.

This park is divided into three sites namely Eastwood, Westwood and Central Park. Each of these sites has different kinds of rides for the visitors. Since these sites are totally different in nature, it will be better if you do not try to mix these two together. It will be better if you enjoy your holidays peacefully and tranquilly.